Friday, August 20, 2021

Cornfield Voldemort

Iowa's governor, Voldemort, is so dumb and vile that it's hard to believe someone so dumb and vile exists in real life. (although it's less hard knowing that former twice-impeached insurrection-inciting President Orangutan is still alive and even more vile and dumb). 

Voldemort claims that children will experience irreparable "social and emotional damage" if they are made to wear masks at school.

You know what doesn't cause irreparable social and emotional damage? Wearing a piece of fabric that helps prevent fatal disease transmission. Or socks. Or underwear. 

You know what DOES cause irreparable social and emotional damage?

Weeks or months of your youth spent in a hospital alongside grown, ignorant adults who won't get vaccinated who are dying slow, painful deaths right next to you while being gagged by large, intimidating machines. 

Later in life, coming to the realization that you were incredibly sick and could have died, and that your parents could have prevented it by making you wear a mask. But instead chose to follow fascist leaders who convinced them that there's some argument about bodily autonomy to be made regarding masks. There isn't. 

I mostly love that I was privileged to grow up in the US. But in the last few years I have been disgusted by what vvhite US citizens think is meant by "freedom." It's freedom for themselves, and free doom for everyone around them.

Kim Reynolds being dumb

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